"A MetaTexis function is terminated, and an error message reporting an 'automation error' is displayed. Thereafter, many MetaTexis functions no longer run."

"Can MetaTexis run while other CAT tools like TRADOS and Wordfast are running at the same time? Are they compatible?"

"MS Word crashes at start-up or does not run properly. MetaTexis behaves strangely and does not run properly."

"MS Word crashes at start-up. An error message like this is displayed: "WINWORD.exe has generated an error and will be closed down by Windows." In the detailed error description the file "FM20.dll" is mentioned."


About MetaTexis


Activating Alignment Projects

Add Images

Adding Translators

After installing an Update for MS Word, MS Office, or Windows, MetaTexis no longer runs properly.

Aligning Texts in the Dialog Box Mode

Aligning Texts in the Document Integration Mode


Alignment Tool (Pro and NET/Office Version Only)

Analyzing Documents

Anchored Objects


Automatic Translator Recognition

Automation Options

Bad errors or crashes

Basic Concepts


Batch Processing

Built-in Language File Editor

Can TRADOS documents and TMs be exported and imported?

Change Password

Character settings

Check for Program Update

Coloring for translation units

Colors and Frames



Compressing TMs and TDBs

Concepts and Functions

Configuring TDBs

Configuring TMs

Configuring TMs and TDBs


Copying and Deleting

Cost calculation

Cost calculation/Time worked

Creating an index

Database Center for TDBs

Database Center for TMs

Database Export Dialog Box

Database handling

Database Options

Database Servers

Database Types

De-Activate MetaTexis

De-Activating Alignment Projects

Defining Alignment Projects

Defining Projects

Defining Secondary TDBs

Defining Secondary TMs

Defining the Main TDB

Defining the Main TM

Delete items

Deleting Alignment Projects

Deleting Projects

Deleting Statistical Information

Deleting the Translation

Deleting the Translation Unit

Deleting Translators

Dialog Box Mode

Displaying TDBs

Displaying TMs

Document Info

Document Mode

Document Options

Document Options Dialog Box

Document Statistics


Does MetaTexis run on Apple/Macintosh computers?

Does MetaTexis run on MS Word 97?

Edit Language File in Text Editor

Edit Language Files

Edit Shortcut

Edit user data

Editing the Translators Info

Editing the Watch List

Entering the License Key


Excel files

Exporting Documents


Features (overview)

Features Planned


File extensions

File Menu

Final Version

Finishing the Start Assistant

Footnotes and Endnotes

Formal Quality Checking



General note

General Options

Go to Document

Go to Functions


Hidden Text


How to access the MetaTexis functions

How to Edit a Translation

How to handle search results

How to Navigate

How to open tagged documents

How to Translate

HTML Options


Import List Dialog Box


Import/Export Condition Language

Import/Export Dialog Box

Importing Access Files, Step 1

Importing and Exporting TMs and TDBs

Importing Documents

Importing PDF files

Importing Text Files, Step 1

Importing Text or Access Files, Step 2

Importing TMX, TRADOS, Wordfast, or MetaTexis files

Importing Watch List Entries

Importing/Exporting Documents


Inline Objects

Input Control


Integrating the Alignment File into a Translation Memory

Internet connections

Interrupting and Resuming


Just Go Ahead


Launch Start Assistant

LEC Translate via Internet

LEC Translate/Power Translator

List with MetaTexis Documents

Load Standard Dialog Box

Local MetaTexis Databases


Machine Translation and Dictionaries

Machine translation and dictionaries (Scout)

Main and Secondary Databases

Managing Alignment Projects

Managing Language Files

Mass processing

Menu Commands and Default Shortcuts

MetaTexis Server

Microsoft Office


Miscellaneous 1

Miscellaneous 2

Navigating in the Source Document

Navigating in the Translation


Navigation Behavior

New Functions

New Terminology Dialog Box

Notes and Hints for Beginners

Number and format of Numbers

Number of Characters

Number of Words

Objects (Images/Drawings/Text boxes/OLE Objects)


OpenTag Options


Other CAT Tools

Overview 1

Overview 2

Paragraph Formatting


Post Production

PowerPoint files

Pre-Translate Document Dialog Box

Preview HTML document

Program updates


Project start


Projects Dialog Box


Quality Control

Quick Start


Re-format Tagged Document

Re-install Menu

Removing Documents

Replace strings


Results of document analysis

Run commands

Save Standard Dialog Box


Saving analysis results

Saving Document Statistics

Saving New Terminology in Main TDB

Saving the Alignment File

Saving the Index

Saving TUs in the Main TM


Scout menu

Scout options

Search Options

Searching for Text

Searching in TDBs

Searching in TMs

Segment Delimiters

Segment Info

Segment Manipulation

Segmentation and Segment Manipulation

Segmentation Marks

Segmentation Rules

Send Message to the MetaTexis Support

Setting up Dictionaries

Setting up machine translation engines


Settings for Database Results

Settings for Segment Comparison

Settings for Source Text and Translation

Setup server connection


Show Segments

Special Document Elements

Spell Checking

Start Assistant

Statistical Functions

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6



Tag structure

Tagged Documents

TDB Policy

TDB Search Options

TDB Search Results Options

TDB Wildcard Options

Terminology databases (Scout)

Terminology Dialog Box

The MetaTexis menu and other menus of other add-ins are not visible, even though I have re-installed MetaTexis

Though I have set up a translation memory, none of the translation units are recognized further down in the document. What am I supposed to do?

Time worked/access statistics

TM Automation Policy and Leverage Effects

TM match breakdown

TM Policy

TM save check

TM Saving Options

TM Search Options

TM Search Results Options


Tools Menu

TRADOS style results

Transferring Projects

Translation Dialog

Translation Memories

Translation Memories (Scout)

Translation Memories (TMs) and Terminology Databases (TDBs)

Translation Memory and Terminology Database

Translation Unit

Translator Info

Translator Statistics


Trial Version

Two MetaTexis toolbars in MS Word


User interaction

User Interface

User-defined Options

User-defined Options (special)



View Images

Warranty Disclaimers and Liability Limitations

Watch List

What is a CAT Tool? (a short introduction)

What is MetaTexis?

What's new

Word 2000/XP/2003

Word 2007/2010

Working with machine translation results

Working with TDB Search Results

Working with the Index

Working with TM check results

Working with TM Search Results

XLIFF Options

XML Options