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Creating an index

To build the word index of a document:

1.   Execute the menu command: MetaTexis | Statistics | Index.

2.   If the active document belongs to a project, a message box will be shown asking you whether you want to build the index for the whole project. Click on the Yes or No button.

3.   If any index has been previously built for the active document, and if the index file still exists, you will be asked if you want to load the old index, or if you want to make a new index. If you are sure that the existing index is still up-to-date, you can load it to save time.

4.   Wait until the index is built. In the case of large documents, this process can be quite time-consuming. When the index is ready, the following dialog box will be shown:

When you close the Index dialog you will be asked whether you want to delete the index file or not. If you have space problems on your hard disk, you are advised to delete it.

The Index dialog box displays the word index of a document or project. You can make several settings and execute several actions.

You can make the following settings to display different kinds of indexes or parts of indexes:


In the Language drop-down box, you can choose between an index for the source text and for the translation. (There is no index for both the source text and the translation together because this does not make sense.)


The index can be sorted in several ways:


  By number of words

  By number of segments

  Length of words

In either case, you can choose to display the index in ascending or descending order.


To filter the index, enter a text in the Filter text box and press the tabulator key on the keyboard. Only those entries of the index which contain the filter text (case sensitive!) are shown.

To delete the filter and to display all index items, delete the text in the Filter text box and press the tabulator key on the keyboard.

       When sorting words, treat lowercase and uppercase separately:

If this checkbox is checked, words which start with uppercase letters will be sorted first, then the words with lowercase letters. It if is not checked, uppercase and lowercase letters are treated in the same way.


Saving the Index

Working with the Index