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Translation Memories (TMs) and Terminology Databases (TDBs)

Besides the segmentation function, the translation memory (TM) is the core of any CAT tool. From a TM, you can retrieve segments which you have already translated and use them for the current translation. Plus, you have easy access to old translations, that is, you can look up how you have translated words, phrases or whole segments. So, the main functions of a TM are to save time and to streamline your translations in order to avoid inconsistencies.

Terminology databases (TDBs), glossaries, and dictionaries (which are different words for the same thing) are one of the core resources for any translator. In each language, there are thousands of dictionaries on all kinds of subjects. And most translators have a collection of dictionaries on their bookshelves. TDBs are therefore an important feature of many CAT tools. A TDB stores terms and their translations, including explanations and examples. They can be dynamically integrated in the translation process by automating the look-up process. If a standard translation for a word or phrase is stored in the TDB, you have easy access to it. So, just like in the case of TMs, the main functions of a TDB are also to save you time and to streamline your translations to avoid inconsistencies.

In MetaTexis, you have full control over all aspects of using TMs and TDBs. Unlike with many other CAT tools, you can even decide not to use any TM or TDB. Moreover, you can choose between automatic and manual control. Plus, regarding the searching capabilities, you can use up to 254 TMs and TDBs (though, for speed reasons, it is not recommended that you use so many databases).


Database Types

Configuring TMs and TDBs

Configuring TMs

Configuring TDBs

Automation Options

TM Automation Policy and Leverage Effects

Analyzing Documents

Saving TUs in the Main TM

Searching in TMs

Batch Processing

Working with TM Search Results

Working with TM check results

Saving New Terminology in Main TDB

Searching in TDBs

Working with TDB Search Results

Displaying TMs

Displaying TDBs

Database Options

Mass processing

Importing and Exporting TMs and TDBs

Compressing TMs and TDBs