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The MetaTexis menu and other menus of other add-ins are not visible, even though I have re-installed MetaTexis

Make sure that you have installed the latest version of MetaTexis, available at

If you have installed the correct MetaTexis version, and if the menus are still not displayed correctly, the template file "" or "Normal.dotm" might be the cause of the problem. This file is used by MS Word to save Macros, menus, toolbars, and shortcuts. Unfortunately, it can be corrupted and produce bad crashes. Do the following:

1.   Close the windows of all Office applications, especially Word and Outlook.

2.   Look for the file "" (or "Normal.dotm" for Word 2007) on your computer (usually located on hard drive C). You can find the location easily by going to the Word options in the menu "Tools". In the tab with file location, you will find an entry for templates. This is the directory where the is saved. A typical file location would be this one:
"C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates"

3.   Rename this file to " OLD" (or to "Normal.dotm OLD"). Alternatively, you can delete the file. But change the deletion option only if you are sure that no important data are saved in the (esp. shortcuts, macros).

4.   Restart Word. (Word will create a new, clean