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Aligning Texts in the Document Integration Mode

The document integration mode is a special feature of MetaTexis, and is completely different from dialog box mode.

In this mode, the two documents to be aligned are displayed as normal Word documents. By default, the source document is displayed in the left window, while the document with the translation is displayed in the right window.

During the alignment process the source document does not remain as a pure source document. The task is to integrate the translation into the source document. When the alignment process is finished, the source document will also contain the translation, just like a normal MetaTexis document.

Document integration mode, therefore, is just like the normal way to translate a document, the only difference being that the translation is taken from another document. MetaTexis provides several functions to speed up this process (which, in principle, you could also do manually).

The advantage of document integration mode is that only via this method can you actually compare the true formatting of the documents, which can be relevant in some cases.


Navigating in the Source Document

Navigating in the Translation

De-Activating Alignment Projects