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Hidden Text

In Microsoft Word, you can hide text. This feature is widely used by MetaTexis. If a TU contains a translation, the source text is marked as hidden when the TU is closed (as well as the segment delimiters). The segment delimiters are marked as hidden also.

In Microsoft Word, you can decide whether the hidden text is displayed on screen or not. If hidden text is displayed on screen, it is underlined.

In most cases, it is appropriate to keep the hidden text hidden because, when the source text is hidden, the translated text will look like the final version. Plus, reading and editing the translation is easier.

On the other hand, in some cases it can make sense to display the hidden text, e.g. when you need an overview about how several segments have been translated. Or, you simply might prefer to display the hidden text all the time because you feel that you have better control over the translation process.

There are two ways to toggle between displaying and not displaying hidden text:

1.   Clicking on the menu command: MetaTexis | Navigation | Show hidden text on/off (default shortcut: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+H).


2.   Execute the menu command Tools | Options.

3.   Activate or de-activate the Show hidden text checkbox, as appropriate.