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User interaction

In the User interaction frame there are two options:

       Show user dialog when adding new translator data to a document:

MetaTexis adds user data to a MetaTexis document for each translator/editor working with the MetaTexis document. This happens when a MetaTexis document is opened on another computer by another translator. If this options is active, MetaTexis will display a special dialog that lets you control the new translator data saved. If this options is not active, MetaTexis saves the default settings. These can later be edited at anytime via the Document Options.

       Show user dialog for de-activation of other CAT tools when these active:

When this option is active, MetaTexis will prompt you when other CAT tool add-ins for Word like TRADOS or Wordfast are active while you are opening a MetaTexis document. To de-activate other CAT tool add-ins is recommended to avoid shortcut conflicts.