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MetaTexis can deal with all types of documents that can be opened by Microsoft Word, including tagged documents which contain formatting information in the form of special text commands (i.e. HTML). This means that a wide range of documents can be translated with MetaTexis.

For example, if you want to translate a WordPerfect document, you can open it in Microsoft Word and save it as a normal Word document. Then you can translate it with MetaTexis. After you have produced the final version, you can save the document back as a WordPerfect document, if necessary.

Note: It is strongly recommend to use the MetaTexis command to open file rather than the Word command. In the case of tagged texts like HTML and XML this is a must because only with the MetaTexis command to open file the documents are opened in the correct way whereas, when you use the Word command, conversions are triggered that are not wanted.


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