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MetaTexis Server

MetaTexis for Word can be used as a client in a networked translation environment where the databases are stored on a central server, and the clients access the data via the MetaTexis Server. Using this technique, a group of translators can work with the same translation memories and terminology databases, via LAN or Internet. This has several advantages:

1.   Increased efficiency: The translation results of one translator are immediately available for all other users of the same databases. Each translator can benefit from the work of another translator of the team without manual actions. (There is no need to export data, to exchange files, and to import data).

2.   Increased consistency: The danger of different versions is minimized. Especially in the case of terminology databases, it is important that all translators use the same terminology for a given project.

3.   Increased security: Especially in the case of confidential data, it is important to avoid sending out too much data at a time. By using a central server, each translator has access to a huge database, but only retrieves one bit of information at a time. This way, the risk of data misuse is minimized. Moreover, the data sent via LAN/Internet by the MetaTexis server are encoded and cannot easily be read by spy programs.


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