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Step 1

In Step 1, you have to define the document type. At a later stage, you can no longer change this setting. So please be careful and check whether the correct document type is selected. In the most cases, the automatic type detection will work correctly.

The most common document type is "Normal" document without tags. If you select one of the other document types, after you have finished the Start Assistant MetaTexis will prepare the document according to the type of document selected. MetaTexis will identify the text elements which have to be translated and will mark the formatting tags which do not have to be translated. For more information about tagged documents, see Tagged Documents.

Besides defining the document type, in Step 1 you can load standard settings (if available and if appropriate; see Load Standard Dialog Box), or you can import settings from another MetaTexis document (again, if available and if appropriate). Through this function, you can reduce the amount of time needed to complete the setup procedure and to define the document options.

When you have finished step 1, click the Next button to go to step 2.