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Anchored Objects

There are many kinds of anchored objects: drawings, forms, images, text objects, legends, OLE objects, and ActiveX controls. The most common ones are drawings, images and text boxes.

MetaTexis treats anchored objects the same way as footnotes and comments. You have to manually take them over into the translation box. The reason is that anchored objects can be placed anywhere on a page. (If anchored objects would simply be copied, sometimes you might not even notice it.) And, technically, a text box can be viewed as a kind of footnote.

To manually take anchored objects over into the translation box, please use the command: Take over anchored drawings/objects. (In the case of anchored objects, no special reference is added to the source segment.)

Note: When you copy a source segment which includes anchored objects via the Copy source text command, the anchored objects are NOT copied. But when a TU (translation unit) with images is saved in a translation memory, the images are NOT included.