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Pre-Translate Document Dialog Box

In the Pre-translate document dialog box, you can set the parameters for a search for all segments in a document. You have the following options:

       Insert all TM segments reaching the lower limit for similarity:

If you choose this option, all TM segments reaching the lower limit for similarity are inserted.

Unlike the Pre-translate until next TU where manual editing is required menu command, this command does not guarantee that all internal leverage effects are realized. You should only use this command when you think that there are few (if any) internal leverage effects. In this case, you can save a lot of time when you pre-translate the whole document.

  Search terminology databases:

This check box is only active when a TDB has been assigned to the document. If you check it, the TDBs are also searched and the search results inserted in the document.

       Insert only TM segments if the source text is identical with the TM segment:

If this checkbox is checked, only 100% matches are inserted into the document.

To start searching, click the Start searching button. A message box will be shown informing you about the progress. You can stop the process at any time by pressing Esc on the keyboard.