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User-defined Options (special)

When you have defined "User defined (special)" as the document type, the Document type options button is clickable to fine-tune the preparation process. When you click it, the following dialog box will appear:

This dialog allows you to set options for special document types:

       Only translate text bracketed by the following character strings:

This option allows you to translate documents where only texts bracketed by special character strings should be translated. By default, the quotation marks are defined as brackets: In this case only text elements which are in quotation marks will be identified by MetaTexis as text to be translated. An example:

Element 1 - "text to be translated"

Element 2 - "text to be translated"

       Do not translate text in each line up to this string:

This option allows you to prepare the document in such a way that only the text behind the string defined is identified as text to be translated. In the following example this separator string should be defined as "=":

Element 1=text to be translated

Element 2=text to be translated

You can also combine both options, as would be required in the following case:

Element "1"="text to be translated"

Element "2"="text to be translated"

Further functions:

       To set the current settings as default settings, click the Save as default button.

       To save the current settings, click the Save button and define a name in the dialog displayed.

       To load settings, click the Load button and select a setting.

       To load the original default settings, click the Original default button.