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This tab provides information about the history of the translation. The upper part contains detailed information about the time and the translator for the first translation and the last changes:

       First translation:

Date and time of first translation.

       First translator:

First translator's ID and name.

       Last changes:

Date and time of the last changes.

       Last translator:

ID and name of the translator who made the last changes.

In the lower part of the tab, you can see a list with a detailed translation history (though there is no information regarding date and time). The left column contains information with regard to the action, while the right column contains the IDs and names of the translators who were responsible for the action.

The history can contain the following information:

       New translation:

A new translation was manually entered into the translation box (including Paste commands).


The translation was changed.

       Translation deleted:

The translation was deleted.

       TM segment (100%):

A TM segment with a 100 % match was inserted into the translation box.

       TM segment (<100%):

A TM segment with a match value lower than 100 % was selected as a translation.


The first version of the translation was in the imported TRADOS document. (It might have been changed in the meantime.)

       Comb. w. next/last seg.:

The segment/TU was combined with a neighboring segment.

       Machine translation:

The translation was the result of a machine translation.