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The Open command can be used to open files to translate in general quite like the Open command of Word itself. However, there is an important difference: If you want to translate tagged documents like HTML or XML, you should NOT open the HTML files like a normal Word document through the Word menu command File | Open. Rather, you should use the Open command of MetaTexis. For only then the tagged documents are opened as text documents. And only if this is the case, the translation of the tagged file will have exactly the same format as the original file.

If you open a tagged document like HTML with the Word command to open files, the HTML document will be converted into a Word document (or, if FrontPage is installed on your computer, the document will be opened in FrontPage). While you can translate the converted document with MetaTexis, this is not recommended, if the translated document is supposed to have the same HTML code as the original document. For, Word produces a complex HTML code (optimized to make HTML pages look like Word documents).