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First of all I have to thank my wife and my children. Of course, they were affected most by the MetaTexis project. In fact, when I launched the project in the summer of 2000, I did not anticipate how much effort and time is needed to program a decent CAT tool. Too often, I was so completely absorbed by the programming problems that I neglected my family. (Every programmer knows that your mood does not necessarily improve when you cannot solve a problem immediately...) Therefore, I dedicate MetaTexis to Ina, Jule and Gedeon.

As regards the program MetaTexis itself, i.e. its functionality and its design, I would like to express my gratitude to all users and beta testers who have sent me their comments, suggestions, bug reports, and critique. Especially, I would like to thank Jorge Gorín from Buenos Aires and Arkady Vysotzky from Kiev. For several months during the beta phase of the first version they sent me many detailed reports and valuable remarks. Of course, there were many more who have helped me to improve MetaTexis. Let me name just a few of them: Pawel Wawrzyszko, Igor Kreknin, Farlan Williams, Stefan Rackow, Steve Hodgett, William Bergmann, William Thompson, and Martin Macura. (My apology and gratitude also goes to all other users who should have named here, but have escaped my attention.)

Let me also express my gratitude to Henry Dotterer from Through his kind invitation to the conference in Porto Santo Stefano (Italy), where I had the opportunity to present MetaTexis in public for the first time, he provided me with a good deal of the energy needed to finish the first version of MetaTexis.

It is not possible to measure the direct influence of all these users on MetaTexis, but you can be sure that without their contributions MetaTexis would look different now. It is clear that they have had their share in improving MetaTexis.

I am especially indebted to several translators who were kind enough to improve the English of the program, the manual, and the website:

Jackie Armijos from California has improved the content and style of the first version of the English manual.

Berni Armstrong from Barcelona improved the style of the first version of the English MetaTexis homepage.

My deepest gratitude goes to the translators who have translated the manual or the program or the MetaTexis homepage in various other languages. They have spent an enormous amount of time and effort (I did not dare ask them how many hours they have actually spent), and they all did a great job:

Alexandre Cláudio De Sena Viegas made the Portuguese version of the program, the manual, and the website.

Günther Haltermann and his team from produced the Spanish version of the manual.

Pawel Wawrzyszko from Krakow made the Polish version of the manual, the program and the website.

Aleksandr Vasiljev produced the Russian version of the manual.

Xianfeng Qu from China made the Chinese version of the program.

Antonio Lucidi from Varese translated the manual into Italian.

Fabrizio Giuffrida from Italy produced the Italian version of the homepage.

Ladislav Filo made the Slovakian version of the program and of the website.

Ludek Vasta made the Czech version of the program and of the website.

Pierre Rutschmann from Switzerland made the French version of the homepage. He has furthermore updated the French language file, and, most importantly, he has translated the MetaTexis manual.

Jean-E. St-Laurent from Montreal produced the French version of the program.

Aitor Medrano and Marta Rodríguez from Barcelona made the Spanish version of the program. And, Aitor Medrano produced the Spanish version of the MetaTexis website.

Valery Starenchenko from Russia translated the program into Russian.

Arkady Vysotzki from Kiev made the Russian version of the MetaTexis website.

Ines Sulj from Zagreb made the Croatian version of the MetaTexis website.


Hermann Bruns