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Easy installation: MetaTexis for Word is installed in less than a minute

Runs on Microsoft Word: You do not have to handle several windows on the screen. And you do not need to learn a new program, only new functions.

User-friendly: Start to translate in five minutes without studying manuals.

Supports many file types: All kinds of text documents, tagged files (HTML, XML, etc.), Excel and PowerPoint files.

Easy transfer: The original text, translation, and document settings are stored in one document and can easily be transferred.

Format preserved: The format of a document is preserved throughout the translation process.

Error proof handling: Even if you accidentally delete translation units, automatic repair functions will prevent MetaTexis from breaking down.

Fully customizable: All CAT tool functions can be customized in different ways, according to your special needs. Also, the look-and-feel of the program can be changed.

Seamless integration of translation machines (via Internet or local programs): LEC Translate, PowerTranslator, Personal Translator, Google translation via Internet, Systran translation via Internet.

Fast and efficient support: by the developers of MetaTexis.