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How to Edit a Translation

You can edit a translation simply by changing the text in the translation box. You can also edit the translation when a translation unit is not open. However, you are advised to always open a TU before you edit it - for two reasons: The statistical information about your translation work will be more accurate, and there is no danger of deleting hidden text.

These are the commands most often used for copying and deleting; they are available in the Copy and delete sub-menu of the MetaTexis menu:

       Copy source text (Alt+Shift+C) :

If the translation box is empty, this command copies the text of the source segment into the translation box.

       Copy source text in next translation unit (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C) :

This command is, in fact, a combination of two other commands: Open next translation unit and Copy source text. This command is helpful when you know for sure that it makes sense to copy the source text of the next TU.

       Delete translation (Alt+Shift+Delete) :

This command clears the translation box.