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Importing Text Files, Step 1

The import function for text files has two steps. If you have selected a text file to import it into a MetaTexis database, first the Data import 1 dialog box is shown:

In this dialog box, you have to define the field separator and the content delimiter of the text file to be imported.

You can choose between several pre-defined formats in the Pre-defined formats drop-down list. It lists the most common formats. However, you can also define any other combination of field separator and content delimiter by entering characters in the relevant text boxes.

If the first paragraph of the text file to be imported contains the field names, you are advised to activate the Field names in first line checkbox.

The Fields list box lists the fields identified. The First values of field selected list box lists the first 20 values of a selected field. Both lists are updated automatically when you change the settings for the field separator, the content delimiter, or the field names in the first line.

In the Codepage drop-down box (which is only visible for non-Unicode files), you can set the codepage for text files which were saved in a codepage other than the one of the active system.

When you have entered the correct settings, click the Next >> button to go to step 2 of the text file import (see next section).