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Integrating the Alignment File into a Translation Memory

To integrate the alignment file into a translation memory, you have two options. You can either use the Import/Export function of MetaTexis (see the Importing and Exporting TMs and TDBs), or you can execute the following steps:

1.   Click the Integrate in translation memory button.

2.   Answer the question whether you are sure that the alignment task is properly finished. The following dialog box will be shown:

3.   Select an existing database by clicking the Select button and selecting a file in the opened dialog box. Or create a new one by clicking the Create button. After having selected or created a database, you can view it by clicking the View button.

4.   After having selected or created the TM, click the Integrate button. The following dialog box will be displayed:

Here you can make settings regarding the way the alignment file is integrated/imported in the translation memory (for more details, see the Importing TMX, TRADOS, Wordfast, or MetaTexis files).

5.   To start the integration process, click the Import button. A message box will inform you about the progress of the integration process. You can stop the process at any time by pressing Esc on the keyboard.

6.   After the integrations process has been completed (or after it has been stopped), a message box is shown informing you about how many TUs were imported. To close this dialog box, click OK.

7.   The Database center dialog box will be shown. Go to the last data sets to view the TUs imported.