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Translator Info

MetaTexis includes a powerful function to identify the translators who have translated and edited a document. This is especially useful when two or more translators work on one document. MetaTexis records who has translated the document, and it records several bits of information about time worked and the number of words and segments which were edited by the individual translators. The information collected can be viewed in the Segment info dialog box and in the Document statistics dialog box (see Document Statistics).

When you run the Start Assistant, you can edit the translation info of a document for the first time. In the Document options dialog box, you can change the information entered and manage the translation info.

In the Current translator frame, the translator info of the current translator is shown in the fields: ID, Name, Firm, Address, Email, Tel, and Fax. The ID serves to unambiguously identify the translator, even when there are translators with the same name. Moreover, there are the two Add and Remove buttons to add and remove translators (see below).


Editing the Translators Info

Adding Translators

Automatic Translator Recognition

Deleting Translators