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What is MetaTexis?

MetaTexis for Word is a CAT tool. CAT means "Computer Aided Translation", and this is exactly what MetaTexis is supposed to do: It helps translators to translate. (For more information about CAT tools see What is a CAT Tool? (a short introduction) on page .)

MetaTexis is not a stand-alone-program. It runs in Microsoft Word. This means that all MetaTexis functions can be accessed through Microsoft Word. Nevertheless, MetaTexis is very powerful and offers many functions and options you will not find in any other CAT tool.

The great advantage of the integration in Word is that you do not have to learn a completely new program. You only have to learn some new functions. At the same time, all functions of Microsoft Word are available.

Technically, MetaTexis integrates itself into Microsoft Word as a COM-Add-in (file "MetaTexis.DLL", located in the MetaTexis program folder). As MetaTexis is a COM-Add-in, it has a shorter start-up time, and many functions perform faster than in the case of normal add-ins. (Note: The COM-Add-ins technique was introduced with Microsoft Office 2000. For this reason, MetaTexis is not available for Microsoft Office 97.)

Besides the COM-Add-in, there is also a normal add-in ("", also located in the MetaTexis program folder). This add-in is the interface between Microsoft Word and the MetaTexis COM-Add-in.




Features (overview)