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Notes and Hints for Beginners

To speed up the navigation in documents, activate the "Normal" or "Draft" view in the View menu/ribbon of Microsoft Word. In the General Options you can activate a related option to ensure that MetaTexis switches to the normal/draft view whenever appropriate.

All MetaTexis functions can be accessed via the MetaTexis ribbon (Word 2007/2010) or via the MetaTexis menu. If a shortcut is available, it is displayed right after the menu command. (The shortcuts can be customized via the General options menu).

If you are a beginner, take a closer look at the ribbon or at the MetaTexis menu and play with the functions using a test document and a test TM.

In "everyday life," the most important functions can be found in the sub-menus Navigation, Copy and delete, Translation memory, and Terminology database.

The Input control (see General Options dialog) should be active all the time, because the danger of destroying a MetaTexis document is much higher when the input control is not active (even though MetaTexis can deal with "malformed" TUs, it cannot recreate deleted text).