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Support for Tagged Files (not in Lite version) (HTML, XML, QuarkExpress, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Interleaf, Ventura, XLIFF, OpenTag)

TRADOS documents (not in Lite version): You do not need TRADOS to produce TRADOS documents.

Import PowerPoint and Excel files (only in NET/Office version): With MetaTexis you can easily translate PowerPoint and Excel files, without even knowing how PowerPoint and Excel work!

Import and Export Database Formats (not in Lite version) (TRADOS Studio SDLite, TMX, native Wordfast, Access, text format, Personal Translator, T1 Professional).

Intelligent Import and Export Functions: You can define complex conditions for importing and exporting datasets, using an easy-to-learn programming language which was specifically designed for MetaTexis (much like Visual Basic).