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Translation Memory and Terminology Database

Fast, accurate and reliable search functions, including fuzzy technologies.

Many unique functions (only in NET/Office version): inverse searching of TMs and TDBs; use TM as TDB; use TDB as TM; language chain search.

Comprehensive and flexible presentation of search results: You can immediately see if you can use the translations found.

Import and export (not in Lite version): TMX, TRADOS, Wordfast, MS Access, Text format, Personal Translator

Batch Processing (not in Lite version): define batches of tasks to be executed.

Database Engine: MetaTexis uses professional database engines to store the data in translation memories. MetaTexis offers four database formats: Microsoft Access, edb, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server.

External servers (only in NET/Office version): MetaTexis can connect to the TRADOS Workbench, and since version 2.80 MetaTexis can connect to the MetaTexis Server.