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Start Assistant

Before any document is marked as a MetaTexis document, the Start Assistant is shown. Before you can translate a text with MetaTexis, you have to provide some initial information about the document you want to translate.

Note: Alternatively, the Document Options dialog can be shown for a new translation. This is recommend for experienced users that would like proceed quickly. If the Document Options or the Start Assistant is shown can be set in the General Options, tab Miscellaneous 2.

The Start Assistant consists of six steps. At each step, you can enter settings in the right panel of the dialog box while a corresponding help text is shown in the left panel. At the bottom of the dialog box, there are three buttons: Back, Next, and Cancel:

       By clicking on Cancel, you can cancel the Start Assistant at any time. The current document will not be marked as a MetaTexis document. It will be treated as "normal" Word document by MetaTexis.

       By clicking on Next, you can go to each subsequent step. This button changes to Finish at the last step.

       By clicking on Back, you can go to each previous step (not available at the first step, of course).

All settings in the Start Assistant can also be made in the Document options dialog box. This means that at a later stage you can change any of the setting you have made in the Start Assistant - except for the document type (see below).


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Finishing the Start Assistant