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Add Images

Very often, words and their translations can only be properly understood when images are available which help to explain the associated terminology (especially in the case of scientific or engineering terminology). In the Add images dialog box, you can add images to a terminology pair. If the TDB (terminology data base) contains no images, the Add images dialog box look like this:

The image to be added is shown on the right side (if an image has already been selected or loaded).

In the Options frame, you can select an image on the left side of the dialog box. You can either load an image file or select an image from the list of available images.

Note: The images are not stored together with the terminology pairs, but separately. (The images are only assigned to the terminology pairs. The reason is that, in many cases, one image is assigned to more than one terminology pair. To keep the TDB small, the image is stored in the TDB only once.)

To load an image file:

1.   Click the Load image button.

2.   Select an image file in the dialog box shown.

To select an image from the list of images available in the TDB:

1.   Select an image in the Available images list box.

By default, the file name is taken as the image title. However, you can edit the title and add notes.

To edit the title and notes:

1.   Click the button Edit title and notes. The following dialog box will be shown:

2.   Edit the title and the notes.

3.   To save the settings click the Save and close button.

To add an image to the active terminology pair:

1.   Load an image file or select an image file in the list of available images (see above).

2.   If you want to add more images, click the Select and next button.


If you don't want to add any more images, click the Select and close button.