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"MS Word crashes at start-up or does not run properly. MetaTexis behaves strangely and does not run properly."

General note: In almost 100% of all case you do NOT have to repair or re-install MS Word or MS Office, let alone re-install or repair the Windows installation! Before you re-install Word/Office or even Windows, contact the MetaTexis support at

The first step in case of general problems is to re-install the full version of MetaTexis. The full version is available at

Make sure that you have followed the installation instructions in the manual: see Installation section.

Another important reason for problems is the template file "" or "Normal.dotm". This file is used by MS Word to save Macros, menus, toolbars, and shortcuts. Unfortunately, it can be corrupted and produce bad crashes. It usually helps to do the following:

1.   Close the windows of all Office applications, especially Word and Outlook.

2.   Look for the file "" (or "Normal.dotm" for Word 2007) on your computer (usually located on hard drive C). You can find the location easily by going to the Word options in the menu "Tools". In the tab with file location, you will find an entry for templates. This is the directory where the is saved. A typical file location would be this one:
"C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates"

3.   Rename this file to " OLD" (or to "Normal.dotm OLD"). Alternatively, you can delete the file. But change the deletion option only if you are sure that no important data are saved in the (esp. shortcuts, macros).

4.   Restart Word. (Word will create a new, clean

If you made sure that your system meets the installation requirements, there can still be other problems. Especially, there are some problematic add-ins for MS Word which can cause bad crashes. For example, one version of the Acrobat plug-in for Word used to cause big problems (including performance issues in Word 2007). And the Word add-in of the Japanese dictionary called "Korya Eiwa Ippatsu Hon'yaku", version 6.0, also caused a breakdown of Word when MetaTexis is active.

To solve the problem, please follow the following steps:

1.   Close Word and uninstall MetaTexis (like any other program via the control panel of Windows).

2.   Re-start Word and go to the "Tools" menu, click on "Add-ins and templates...". Check whether any of the problematic items are listed. Especially, if you find one of the problematic add-ins mentioned, remove it. Close Word.

3.   Re-install MetaTexis and re-start Word.