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Translation Unit

The TU can be viewed as the central entity of any CAT tool. It basically consists of a source segment and its translation.

When you execute a navigation command, a TU is displayed for translation or editing. Here is one example:

The source text is displayed in the box with a yellow background. The translation will appear in the box with the thicker blue frame. In this case no translation is available. The source segment still has to be translated.

To enter a translation, you only have to place the cursor in the blue box (which is the case when the translation unit has just been opened) and type in the translation.

Whether you are happy with the translation or not, whether it is finished or not, you can go on to the next TU (or any other) at any time. And you can always come back to revise your translation later.


Segment Delimiters

Hidden Text

Paragraph Formatting