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Adding Translators

You don't have to add translators manually, because when a MetaTexis document is opened, MetaTexis will automatically check whether the document is being opened by the last user or not. If MetaTexis realizes that the document has been opened by a different user or on a different computer, the Change translator dialog box will be displayed (see Automatic Translator Recognition).

However, there are special situations when it can make sense to add translators manually, e.g. if you want to give yourself different identities to evaluate your translation performance (e.g. "morning identity" and "afternoon identity"), or if different people work on your computer with the same login ID.

To add a translator:

1.   Click the Add button. A new ID will be allocated, and the user name and user address from the current user of Microsoft Word (menu command: Tools | Options, tab User information) are taken and inserted in the Name and Address fields.

2.   Edit the fields.

3.   If you do not want the new translator to be the current translator, select the current translator in the ID drop-down list.

4.   To save your changes and close the Document options dialog box, click the OK button.