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Step 5

At step 5 you can define the translator data.

If no information about the current translator is stored on the current system already (this is the case when the person logged in at the computer uses MetaTexis for the first time), the name and the address are taken from the user information present in Microsoft Word (go to Tools, click Options, activate the User information tab).

You can change this information according to your needs. It is available for all people who have access to the document.

If you are a freelancer, you might think that this point is less important than the other ones. If you see it from a purely practical viewpoint, this is correct. However, this feature offers many possibilities. For example, in MetaTexis an ID is allocated to each translator who accesses a document. MetaTexis records precisely who translated each segment. Moreover, it records the time worked on each TU. And it even records what has been done (though only very roughly). So, if you give yourself more than one "identity", you can find out many interesting things which might even improve your productivity. For example, you could give yourself a "day-time identity" and a "night-time identity" to find out when you are more productive.