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Overview 1

The Overview 1 sub-tab contains detailed information about the way the document was translated (manually, machine translation, terminology search results, or TM matches):

The column section Source text answers questions such as how many segments, words or character were translated in which way, by manual translation, machine translation, or by TM match. The Translation section tells you how many words or characters are contained in the translation. And the % revised section shows the percentage of segments, words and characters in the translation which were revised after the original first manual, machine or TM translation.

In the Total row, you find the sum total of the related column header, e.g. the total number of segments in the source text, or the total number of words in the translation.

The total number is the sum total of the Translated, To be edited/revised, and Not translated subcategories.

The Translated category refers to units which were translated in the sense that the related translation units contain text in the translation part of the TU, and, from a formal point of view, no further editing is required. The different subcategories refer to the original source of the translation:

       Manually translated: The translation was entered manually in the sense that the translation was entered by the editor and no TM match or machine translation or TDB results were used (at least not as far MetaTexis is able to record this).

       Machine translated: The original translation was a machine translation inserted by the MetaTexis machine translation function as customized in the Machine translation sub-tab in the Document Options. If any machine translation was later manually revised, this is recorded in the % revised columns.

       TM matches: The original translation was a TM match retrieved by MetaTexis from a TM. The breakdown of TM matches can freely be defined in the Rates/Settings tab.

       Terminology search results: The translation was completely done by a TDB search, and this translation was not revised manually. That is, if any TU with a TDB result was manually revised, it is recorded as a manual translation. The reason for this handling is clear: A TDB search result has to be viewed as a simple dictionary look-up, if it cannot be used as final translation from the start.

The To be edited/revised category records TUs which still contain TM matches or TDB results which need to be selected and/or edited.

The Not translated category refers to TUs without any translation, that is, if such a TU is opened, the translation box will be empty.

In the Progress meter frame you find a simple indicator for your translation progress in form of progress bar that gives you the percentage of the source text that has been translated (judged by purely formal criteria). Below you find the value of the translation according to the calculation type setting made in the tab Rates/Settings (see below).