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Communication between client and server

The users can access the MetaTexis Server via a local area network (LAN, usually a network inside an organization), or via Internet. The technology for connections is TCP/IP.

The MetaTexis Server only accepts requests by valid users for valid database profiles. When a client program like MetaTexis for Word tries to access a database profile, it sends a TCP/IP message to the server which checks if the user and database profile data are valid and active. If this is the case, the TMs and TDBs are processed according to the request type, and the results are returned. All requests are handled in separate tasks. If two or more requests are sent at the same, the tasks are processed at the same time in parallel.

Note: If a firewall is running on the server computer (or if the whole LAN is protected by a firewall and the MetaTexis Server is supposed to accept Internet connections) the server administrator must make sure that the firewall is configured in a way to allow incoming requests from client programs and outgoing answers by the MetaTexis Server on the ports defined.