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The MetaTexis Server provides a defined group of users with access to centrally stored translation memories (TMs) and terminology databases (TDBs). For this reason, the administrator of the MetaTexis Server has to maintain the users who are supposed to work with the database, and to assign TMs and TDBs to the users.

TMs and TDBs are not assigned to users directly, but through database profiles. In other words, the assignment between users and database is achieved through database profiles. A database profiles is a collection of references to TMs and TDBs and some further settings that steer the database usage.

As a translation project manager you would use a database profile to define the TMs and TDBs needed for a translation project. All translators who are supposed to take part in the translation project must be defined as user and assigned to the database profile.

So, the main job of a MetaTexis Server administrator is to define users and database profiles and to assign users to database profiles (or database profiles to users, both having the same result).

Version Enterprise of the MetaTexis Server allows defining different clients. For each client different remote administrators, as well as different users, database profiles and further database options can be defined. Clients can be run completely separately. This way you can make sure that one group of users and database profiles does not interfere with another one. In other words, you would only define different clients when you need to administer completely separate translation departments, for example.


Communication between client and server