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Importing and Exporting TMs and TDBs

Importing data is an important issue. As there are many different CAT tools, the data of TMs and TDBs need to be exchangeable. For example, if you not only use MetaTexis, but also other CAT tools (because each has special advantages), you will want to be able to import the TMs of the other CAT tools into MetaTexis, and you need to be able to export MetaTexis TMs and TDBs because so far no other CAT tool other than MetaTexis can read the native MetaTexis database format.

MetaTexis provides import and export filters for the most common and most important data formats:


The Translation Memory eXchange format is an open format for exchanging translation memories. It has become the standard exchange format for translation memories.

       Text files for data exchange:

The text format is the most widely used database exchange format. It is supported by virtually every database application. In this format, one paragraph is interpreted as one dataset, and the dataset fields are separated by a special character (most commonly a comma or a semicolon). In MetaTexis, you can import any text file, be it in ASCII or Unicode.

       Microsoft Access:

Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used database programs. Moreover, since 2007 the Microsoft Access runtime version is available for free. Naturally, MetaTexis supports this database type.

       TRADOS export file (import only):

TRADOS is one of the most widely used CAT tools. MetaTexis can import the text export files produced by the TRADOS Workbench.

       Native Wordfast database (import only):

Wordfast has become a popular CAT tool for Microsoft Word. MetaTexis can import native Wordfast database files.

       MetaTexis databases:

To be able to consolidate TMs or TDBs, you can import other MetaTexis TMs/TDBs.

You can import and export data in two ways:

       Display a database and click the Import or Export buttons (see Displaying TMs on page  and Displaying TDBs).


       Execute the menu command: MetaTexis | Import/Export | Import/export TMs, or the menu command: MetaTexis | Import/Export | Import/export terminology. These commands are also available in the database sub-menus: MetaTexis | Translation memory (TM) | Import/export TMs or MetaTexis | Terminology database (TDB) | Import/export terminology.

The Import/Export dialog box will be shown.


Import/Export Dialog Box

Importing TMX, TRADOS, Wordfast, or MetaTexis files

Importing Text Files, Step 1

Importing Text or Access Files, Step 2


Importing Access Files, Step 1

Database Export Dialog Box