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Dialog Box Mode

When you translate a document in dialog box mode and open a TU the following can be a typical result when the TDB search yields positive results:

In this case, only a TDB search was executed. Three terms were found. They are presented in a table with a light blue background. The source segment is reproduced below, with the terms found replaced with their translations indicated using green brackets, e.g."[translation]". If more than one translation of a term or phrase is found, they are presented in this form: "[translation1/translation2]"

Now you have three options to go on:

       If the search result is of no use to you, or if you simply prefer to start from scratch (keeping the information of the TDB search in mind, but not on the screen), simply delete the content of the translation box by clicking on the Delete button or clicking on the  icon on the toolbar (default shortcut: Alt+Shift+Delete).

       If you would like to keep the terminology table in place but start with the translation from scratch, delete the content of the lower box. You can copy the translated terms by double-clicking on a term.

       The third alternative is, in fact, not an alternative, because this is the step to be executed at the end of the process anyway (unless you simply clear the translation box as in the first alternative. The idea is to get rid of the table immediately and to work with the current contents of the lower box. To do this, click the Select button.

If you chose the last alternative, this would be a typical result:

Now you can edit the translation and/or go on to another segment in the document by executing one of the navigation commands.

Note: You can go on to another TU at any time (not only when you think the current segment's translation is finished). The current state is preserved, and you can come back to this segment at a later stage.