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What is the MetaTexis Server?

The MetaTexis Server allows two or more translators to use the same translation memories (TMs) and the same terminology databases (TDBs) for their translations. To put it more technically: The MetaTexis Server is a server program that provides access to centrally stored TMs and TDBs for client programs that are run on computers connected to the server via LAN or Internet. This allows a group of translators to work with the same translation memories and terminology databases which has several advantages:

1.   Increased efficiency: The translation results of one translator are immediately available for all other users of the same databases. Each translator can benefit from the work of another translator of the team without extra manual actions (that is, there is no need to export data, to exchange files, and to import data).

2.   Increased consistency: The danger of inconsistencies in the produced translations is minimized. Especially in the case of terminology databases it is important to use the same terminology for a given project.

3.   Increased security: Especially in the case of confidential data it is important to avoid sending out too much data at a time. By using a central server, each translator has access to a huge database, but does only retrieve one bit of information at a time. This way, the risk of data misuse is minimized. Moreover, the data sent via LAN/Internet by the MetaTexis server are encoded and can not easily be read by spy programs.

Currently, the following client programs have an interface for the MetaTexis Server: MetaTexis for Word NET/Office, Metatexis Scout, MetaTexis Database Editor, MetaTexis Server Remote Administrator. As a translator, if you want to use the services provided by the MetaTexis Server, you need to run MetaTexis for Word on your computer. Users, who just need search functions, can use the MetaTexis Scout, while users who only need to view or edit TMs and TDBs can use the MetaTexis Database Editor. If you are a project manager who needs to administer users and databases on a Server, you will use the MetaTexis Server Remote Admin program.

An example: If 7 translators work on a project, each translator will run MetaTexis for Word NET/Office on his computer, while the MetaTexis Server runs on one computer that can be accessed by the 7 client computers via LAN or Internet. The project manager will additionally run MetaTexis Server Remote Admin, while the customer might be given access to the TMs and TDBs via the MetaTexis Scout.



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