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Features (overview)

Easy installation: The MetaTexis Server can be installed in less than a minute.

Easy setup: To setup the MetaTexis Server for a group of translators just takes a few minutes.

User-friendly: Start to become a server administrator without studying manuals. Many TM and TDB related functions are identical with the related functions in MetaTexis for Word.

Server: Runs and maintains TMs and TDBs on a central server

Client enabled: The Enterprise version allows you to run different clients with database profiles and users.

Remote administration: The Enterprise version allows complete remote administration for each client (via the program "MetaTexis Server Remote Administration"). This means, the client administrators do not have to have direct access to the computer where the Server is running.

Extendable: The number of users and databases is only restricted by license and hardware capacities.

Database engines: Can use different professional database engines (MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostGreSQL, SQLite, MS Access)

WWW server: The Enterprise version includes a simple WWW server that allows the user to provide information via WWW without having to install a full WWW server.

Dynamic licenses: The Enterprise version allows administering dynamic licenses for MetaTexis for Word. If the translators do not need a Metatexis for Word as a standalone program, dynamic licenses can be provided to each translator via the MetaTexis Server. Each client will have to access the Server at least once per day to renew the dynamic license. When the dynamic license has expired, or when the user has no access to the Metatexis Server, the functions in MetaTexis for Word will be restricted to the functions of the free version.

Fast and efficient support by the developers.