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Maintaining clients

When you click the button Maintaining clients the following dialog will be shown:

The main element of the dialog is the list of clients. When you have started the MetaTexis Server for the first time, only the default client "Client1" will be displayed. The status of the client (active or not active) is displayed in the column with the same name.

To add a new client, click the Add button (for more details, see the next section).

To display the details of a client, double click an item, or select it and click the Edit button (for more details, see the next section).

To delete a button, click the Delete button. Before the client is actually deleted you will be prompted.

In the drop-down-box Default client you can set the default client. This setting is relevant for imports of user data and database profile data and for requests where no client is specified. In such a case the default client will be assumed by the MetaTexis Server.


Adding or editing a client