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External Programs

There is no program which provides everything a translator needs. Therefore, most translators use several programs to do their translations, especially if they translate more than one language pair. Besides CAT tools, translation machines and dictionaries are the most common programs translators are using.

Note: The customization of machine translation is no longer available in the General Options. Since version 2.80, machine translation engines are customized in the Document Options.

In MetaTexis, you can integrate dictionaries and other programs so that they are available "at your fingertips".

External programs are managed in the General options dialog box, External programs tab.

To manage external programs:

1.   Execute the menu command: MetaTexis | General options and select the External programs tab.


Execute the menu command: MetaTexis | Machine translation | Set-up translation machines.


Execute the menu command: MetaTexis | Dictionaries | Set-up translation machines.

The following dialog box will be shown:

2.   Define the external programs. Your available options are explained in detail below.

3.   Click the OK button to save your settings.

The instructions given in the following section apply to both translation machines and dictionaries. Any differences will be pointed out.


Adding pre-Defined External Programs

Adding User-Defined External Programs

Editing External Programs

Defining Shortcuts for External Programs

Removing External Programs