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Database Servers

Version "MetaTexis NET/Office" offers great flexibility regarding the database engines used to save TMs and TDBs. You can not only use different engines to save data locally, but you can also connect to the MetaTexis Server via LAN/Internet. And you can use the TRADOS Workbench.

When you click the Select button in the Document options or the Start Assistant, the following dialog will be displayed, offering five types for selection:

The three available database types are explained in more detail below:

       Local database

When you select this option and click OK, you can select a locally saved MetaTexis database. This is the correct option for selecting databases of the following types (see above): MS Access databases (Type 1), edb databases (Type 2a/2b), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express.

       MetaTexis Server

To connect to a MetaTexis Server, select this option and click OK. In the dialog shown, enter the server and logon data as provided by the server administrator. To save, click OK. For detailed instructions, see the Setup server connection.

       MySQL 5 database

MySQL database cannot be selected like simple files, but have to be selected via a special dialog. When you click the OK button, the following dialog will be displayed:

The Port is detected automatically, but you can change it manually (only recommended for experts).

After entering a correct combination of user ID and password, you have access to the MySQL engine. When you click the Show available databases button, the available MySQL TMs/TDBs are displayed:

To select a database, double-click one item in the list of available databases, select it and click the Select button.

After selecting or entering an existing MySQL database, click OK to accept the selected database.

Note: To be able to use the MySQL engine, it must be installed locally. Remote connections to MySQL servers are not supported.

       Use TRADOS Workbench

If you run TRADOS Workbench on your system, you can access it through MetaTexis. This way, you run both MetaTexis and TRADOS on one computer and use the same TM.

Besides the database type, you can make one other setting:

       Do not show this dialog and use current settings when selecting servers

If this checkbox is active, the dialog box will not be shown when you select TMs or TDBs, and the last settings saved will be used. If the checkbox is not checked, the dialog is shown each time you click the Select button in the Document options or the Start Assistant.