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Configuring TMs and TDBs

The database functions are controlled via the following sub-menus or dialog boxes:

       Translation memory (TM) and Terminology database (TDB) sub-menus of the MetaTexis menu.

       Document options dialog box, Translation memories and Terminology databases tabs.

       Automation options dialog box, which contains a sub-set of the Document options dialog box.

       Some important settings (Main TM, main TDB, automation options) can also be defined in the Start Assistant.

If you want to use a TM for your translation, you need to do only one thing: assign a TM to the document. You can do this right at the beginning at the second step of the Start Assistant (see section Step 2), or you can do this at any time in the Document options dialog (menu command MetaTexis | Document options or shortcut Alt+Shift+O).

The Document options dialog box is the central dialog box for configuring TMs and TDBs. There are two tabs: Translation memories and Terminology databases.

As the same database engine is used for both TMs and TDBs, the settings structure for TMs and TDBs is very similar; in particular, the way you define the main TM and TDB and the secondary TMs and TDBs is even identical.


Main and Secondary Databases

TM Policy

TDB Policy