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In the Rates/Settings tab, the parameters for character statistics and cost calculations are set.

In this tab, you can set the rates that the cost calculation in the Document tab is based on. They are saved in the active document.

Detailed explanations:


Currency symbol used when you save the cost statistics.

       Rate per hour worked:

The rate per hour worked is used in cost calculations based on the number of hours worked.

       Translation unit:

In the Translation unit frame, the basic translation unit is set: word or character.

       Source text/translation:

The Source text/translation frame defines whether the cost calculation is based on the source text or on the translation. Nowadays, the cost calculation is usually based on the source text.

       Basic rate:

In the frame, the basic rate per translation unit is set. Depending on the settings in the Translation unit and Source text/translation frames, you can define separate values.

       Revision rates:

In the Revision rates frame, the rates for revising machine translation results and TM matches are defined. These rates are used for ork done (weighted, by type) and Work to be done (weighted, by type) calculation types.

The two options Percentage per basic rate and Absolute values define whether the revision rates are calculated automatically according to the percentage entered based on the basic rate defined above, or if the revision rates are entered as absolute values.

  Machine translations:

Here, the revision rate for machine translations is set. The rate to be set here can be very different, depending on the quality of the machine translation.

  TM matches:

Here the revision rate for TUs with TM matches is set. The breakdown of TM matches can be set in the TM match breakdown frame (see below). In most cases, the rate for good matches should be lower than for bad matches. As regards 100% matches, there is some justification for defining a non-zero value because, even in the event of 100% matches, some reviewing and editing is needed to make sure that the translation fits into the context. (And there is no guarantee that a translation stored in the TM is correct, of course.)


Character settings

TM match breakdown