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The MetaTexis installation files can be downloaded at


To install MetaTexis:

1.   Close all MS Office windows, especially the windows of Microsoft Office and Outlook.

2.   Run the installation file MetaTexisForWordV3.exe. Follow the instructions given by the installation program. If you are still running Word 2000, make sure to select the correct type; for all other Word versions no special settings need to be made.

3.   After the installation has finished, Microsoft Word will be launched automatically. If this is not the case, launch Word manually.

4.   If you have purchased a license key and want to enter it, go to the MetaTexis menu and click About MetaTexis. In the dialog box shown click the button Enter license key and enter the license key. The license name is case sensitive and must be entered in exactly the same way it was provided to you. You are advised to copy and paste it.
Note: If you have purchased an upgrade key, you either need to enter the license key of your old version in an extra dialog; or the key must have been entered before in the old version. If the latter is the case, no special action is needed.

If MetaTexis does not run smoothly, or if you encounter any other problems (especially so-called "automation errors"), close Microsoft Word and re-start it. If MetaTexis still does not run smoothly, make sure that you have installed the correct MetaTexis version and read the MetaTexis FAQ. If this does not help, contact the MetaTexis support at