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Just Go Ahead

After having finished the installation you only need to execute a few steps to run the server:

1.   Activate the tab Users and database profiles, activate the sub-tab Users and add a user by clicking the button Add. In the dialog define a user ID. The default password is "initial". To change the password, click Password (this is optional). Click OK to save the new user.

2.   Activate the sub-tab Database profiles and create a database profile by clicking the Add button. In the dialog shown define a name for the database profile, create a translation memory and a terminology database. Assign the user created in step 1 to this database profile by clicking the appropriate Add button, and select the user. Click OK to save the new database profile.

3.   Activate the Options tab and have a look at the lower right frame where you find a list box with one or more IP addresses.

4.   Send the server address (IP address), the server port (default: "5001"), the name of the client (default: "Client1"), and the logon data (user ID and password) to the user. The user can use these data to connect to the Server. The manuals for the client programs contain a special section on how to connect to the server. General instructions can be found in the annex of this manual.