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The TM or TDB functions do not work properly, MetaTexis DB type 1 is not available although MS Access is installed

This error is caused by a corrupt database interface of Microsoft Windows, called ADO or MDAC. To fix this bug, install or re-install the latest version 2.8 of MDAC.

For Windows XP SP2, execute the following steps:

- Look for the file "MDAC.INF” in folder "C:\windows\inf”

- Double click on the file "MDAC.INF” and run it

- If you are running SP2 for Windows XP you will be asked to insert Win XP SP2 CD

For Windows XP (original version), download and install the following program:

For Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows NT, download and install the following program:

If the direct link does not work, go to the following web page: