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Notes and Hints for Beginners

To speed up the navigation in documents, activate the "Normal view" in the View menu of Microsoft Word.

All MetaTexis functions can be accessed via the MetaTexis menu. If a shortcut is available, it is displayed right after the menu command. (The shortcuts can be customized via the General options menu).

If you are a beginner, take a closer look at the MetaTexis menu and play with these functions using a test document. To test the database functions, create a test database and use a test document.

In "everyday life," the most important functions can be found in the sub-menus Navigation, Copy and delete, Translation memory, and Terminology database.

The Input control (see General Options dialog) should be active all the time, because the danger of destroying a MetaTexis document is much higher when the input control is not active (even though MetaTexis can deal with "malformed" TUs, it cannot recreate deleted text).