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New Functions

Version 2.9

·       New search dialog “Scout” (only "NET/Office")

·       Import filter for SDLX translation memories

·       Document analysis completely revised (faster, more detailed, adapted to needs of translation industry)

·       Batch processing function enhanced and improved

·       New feature: Coloring of segments/translation units

·       Support for file types added: ResX, PO, InDesign (inx)

·       Handling of very big Excel and PowerPoint files improved

·       Faster treatment of tagged files (segmentation and navigation)

·       Manual available in French and Spanish

Version 2.8

·       Seamless integration of machine translation engines (via Internet or local programs)

·       Ready for the MetaTexis Server (only "NET/Office")

·       Ready for Word 2007

·       Support for further database engines added: MySQL 5, Microsoft SQL Server Express

·       Document statistics revised and improved

·       Support for notes in PowerPoint presentations.

·       New user interface languages: Greek.

·       Manual available in Russian and Polish.

Version 2.7

·       Improved handling of terminology search results (automatic lowercase/uppercase conversion)

·       Improved handling of abbreviations

·       Import filter for TRADOS TagEditor files (file extension "ttx”) (only in "NET/Office")

·       Import filter for Windows resource files (file extension "rc”)

·       Import filter for Manual Maker files

·       New segmentation options (skip hidden text, set number of spaces between segments)

·       Enhanced options for user-defined document types

·       Improved handling for index fields

·       New user interface languages: Chinese, Portuguese

Version 2.6

·       New innovative options and functions to further increase translation efficiency: Use TM as TDB, Use TDB as TM, language chain search, cross-language import

·       New TDB search option: Case sensitive search

·       New function to check a translation in the document against any translation in the TM

·       Considerable speed improvements in all database-related functions

·       Reduction of database size by 10% or more.

·       Synonym handling in TDBs improved (self-defined synonym separators)

·       Import function for TRADOS MultiTerm files

·       New user interface language: Czech

Version 2.5

·       Several dialogs sizeable

·       Improved support of Excel and PowerPoint files

·       HTML options improved

·       New user interface languages: Russian, Slovakian

Version 2.4

·       Inverse searching of translation memories and terminology databases

·       Improved watch list saving

Version 2.3

·       Function to extract text from PDF documents

·       Improved start-up behavior

Version 2.2

·       New Version for Word 2003

·       Handling of sub-documents improved

Version 2.1

·       Enhanced TMX support

·       Improved tag handling

Version 2

·       New MetaTexis version "NET/Office"

·       Support for Excel and PowerPoint files: Translate Excel or PowerPoint files (only in "NET/Office").

·       Access to TRADOS Workbench (only in "NET/Office").

·       Faster database functions: saving, searching and importing is now much faster

·       Additional database engine: You can now run MetaTexis without the database engine of MS Access. This means: Everybody who has Microsoft Word can now run MetaTexis. MS Access is no longer needed to run MetaTexis.

·       New options for translation memories and terminology databases added (e.g. automatic number replaced for better search results)

·       Document statistics enhanced and improved

·       New support function: Send your messages directly through MetaTexis to save time and provide the support team with precise information

·       Enhanced support for TMX export/import

·       Many improvements in usability

·       New interface languages: French, Spanish, Polish

Version 1.1

·       Support for tagged documents added: HTML, SML, Quark Express, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Interleaf, Ventura, XLIFF, OpenTag, MetaTexis language files, User-defined formats

Tagged documents which were prepared for TRADOS or Wordfast can directly be used in MetaTexis.

·       Support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages added

·       New function to analyze documents (including internal leverage)

·       File menu added.

·       Usability improvements: New option in dialog box General options: "Copy source if database search was not successful"; "Copy selection/word" command added

·       New function: Re-segmentize the whole document