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       Number of spaces between two segments:

When closing a TU, MetaTexis sets spaces between two segments according to the number specified here. The standard value is "1. However, in some countries, 2 spaces between segments are common.

       No segmentation after ordinal numbers:

In most cases, ordinal numbers are not at the end of a segment. This option is checked by default so that paragraphs are not segmented at ordinal numbers.

  Except when the number is in this range:

Ordinal numbers are usually lower than 1000. Plus, numbers between 1000 and 2200 represent years, in many cases. By default, if there is a full stop behind numbers in this range, a paragraph is segmented.

       Ignore dots after words at start of paragraph:

Very often, letters are also used for numbering, e.g. "A.". By default, a paragraph is not segmented after such ordinal marks.

       Treat superscript numbers as footnote references:

By default, a footnote references is treated as a follow-up mark. That is, by default, the paragraph behind it is segmented as a dot plus a footnote reference plus a space (e.g. behind ".4 "). Sometimes it also makes sense to treat superscripted numbers as footnote references.

       Skip hidden text:

When this option is active, hidden text will be skipped by MetaTexis, that is, hidden text is treated as text not to be translated.

       Skip numbers at the beginning of a paragraph:

When this option is active, numbers at the beginning of paragraphs are skipped.

  Only ordinal numbers:

Usually, numbers should only be skipped if they have the function to order paragraphs.

       Skip paragraphs with numbers only:

Usually, numbers do not have to be translated. If this option is checked, MetaTexis skips paragraphs that contain numbers only.

  Except when containing dots or commas:

The decimal point can be different in two languages (e.g. English/German). In such a case, numbers also need to be "translated".

       Skip paragraphs without letters:

If a paragraph does not contain letters, it usually does not make sense to translate it.